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Easy QS

Product Name: Easy QS
Portable Magnetotherapy is a practical and portable device, easy to use and intuitive,particularly suitable for targeted treatment. The Flexa applicators (supplied) have a flexible shape so they can be adapted to all the body surfaces and maintain magnetic field emission constant and uniform. In this way field emission remains perpendicular to the application surface. The longitudinal ionic currents created in this manner give the best osteogenesis stimulation, resulting as being particularly useful for treating long bone fractures.

Main indications: 
  • Osteoarticular pathologies (osteoporosis, fractures, arthrosis, arthritis); 
  • Traumatology (sprains, torn muscles, contusions, distortion);
  • Analgesia (muscle tension headaches, neuralgia); 
  • Skin lesions (burns, ulcers, wounds); 
  • Inflammatory state therapy (myositis, tendinitis, epicondylitis, lumbosciatic pain, lumbago, athletic pubalgia).
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Technical characteristics
  • 1 channel with 2 outputs for connecting the Flexa applicators
  • Frequency from 0.5 to 100 Hz
  • Magnetic field intensity variable from 5 to 100%
  • Treatment time from 1 to 99 mins or continuous (unlimited time)
  • Pre-set programmes that can be modified and saved
  • Backlit LCD
  • Membrane keyboard