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Rocker Board

Rocker Board
It allows one stability one at a time with angle 30 degree
2-leg Stance Rocker Board Sagittal Plane
Stand with both feet perpendicular to Rocker bottoms
Rocker Board
Rocker BoardIt allows one stability one at a time with angle 30 degree2-leg Stance Rocker Board Sagittal PlaneStand with both feet perpendicular to Rocker bottomsRocker Board
Product Name: Rocker Board
Product Code : 23300
Thera-Band® Rocker and Wobble Boards offer an unstable and sensory-stimulating surface designed to facilitate balance, proprioceptive training and automatic postural reactions.
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The square Rocker Board provides the higher end of the Thera-Band System of Progressive Balance Training for rehab, post-rehab conditioning, and fitness applications. The Rocker Board offers one plane of instability at a time for more patient control during use.

Rocker board is made of black molded plastic with a specially-designed tactile surface on the top, and an anti-skid surface on the bottom.


    •Balance and proprioceptive training for upper and lower extremities.

    •Closed kinetic chain exercises

    •Ankle and knee injury prevention and strengthening

    •Core strengthening and stability

    •Ankle range of motion and flexibility

    •Sensorimotor training


    •Dimensions-Top : 13 1/8" x 14"

    •Angle of Deflection : 30°

    •Weight limit: 300 lbs